lxde-overlay / lxde-base / lxsession-lite / Manifest

AUX lxsession-lite-docbook-fix.patch 482 RMD160 7fc5e7c6e27e282ce622d6939705cdd0d7986c4e SHA1 17c6c9aa159c5c0d3c853caa2518fb88c8a5ad64 SHA256 8f9b66148ff72ac5e0b081d32217fdd0fb36ee95aa3599e18c61e29218c8879c
DIST lxsession-lite-0.3.6.tar.gz 229644 RMD160 26292dc6dbba5aa9e846dcdf2fc9c364912e07af SHA1 3da102a6fa8e1a8578b9f027cea1deaf0d84b27e SHA256 3754ee460942bfde94e6a7fdf20c337a1b6a069cea6972d0c33a115db828dba4
EBUILD lxsession-lite-0.3.6.ebuild 601 RMD160 1461a9b98e9578726572d76e1cbc72731e40723e SHA1 6e55845992d2bc987a02171e76e7bf33f119e56e SHA256 d14f79bcf4f12cc1b24ee354da212690b41da0adacf06ad4ae53086305d1ad5a
EBUILD lxsession-lite-9999.ebuild 1230 RMD160 cebcd6d7041fe96dbc2f1bfb1884b58956836bde SHA1 bd39dbd5b896d11e9343e1e0a9ba7079ca81012e SHA256 1d346386ae68e3774c715d06ea0d00a5fd9ef7b7e3fadf4407dd49a2b505ce8b
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