lxde-overlay / lxde-base / lxterminal / Manifest

AUX lxterminal-docbook-fix.patch 334 RMD160 7ff5a08325edcfdb749d5fef1e0b7e7d3b4f3433 SHA1 67b739e67ddb6c0b26a11f18bc469e3673915bbf SHA256 a84acd9e0cb319efb391e852a7d9c70d423ef7c0757f960643a6b1386ab07fa8
AUX lxterminal-settings.patch 23680 RMD160 20834ef8592522ffd07d9a1a1cf21491ca814cc3 SHA1 6d44d0434e5077b30176867f350bd4861951b003 SHA256 25ab0a541ca65e036ca5b5eca67b8acb3248b9f96370530c86db7dad392588df
DIST lxterminal-0.1.3.tar.gz 235219 RMD160 51b2499fc168365e0405aa65aa80517ff77d1827 SHA1 badc1f8ffba102f64e96f591c54b7925c3b0eecb SHA256 dff62b894d367a587e74dc2c135fa9cb4b56beccda5ae465a351523c2164eb0f
EBUILD lxterminal-0.1.3.ebuild 559 RMD160 fe7c7351ca6d79fe2ae419eb72f2d174c9018464 SHA1 a6bac77ce8a24f2b2f75829a2b00e8d146c2ef5f SHA256 ade837a58d67f547a7d27ccd3b1e04c5ff93f4dce7e4ff398cfe4792e6f04912
EBUILD lxterminal-9999.ebuild 1023 RMD160 c42c243b58a5300f8b226f5a0e5bb01d4442c87a SHA1 8969514bb5a6515c9d65cad5df38cb0a5d63d98e SHA256 5303a5c46ae69203e00101315d1b6a7a1dc8337a2632cf41ed751b13360b00f3
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