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=== Gentoo LXDE Overlay README ===

Welcome and thank you for using the Gentoo LXDE Overlay.

= Installing the 'live' ebuilds =

To install the 'live' development ebuilds you need to add ** keywords. For
convenience we have included a package.keywords file. If you use
/etc/portage/package.keywords as a directory, you can simply use a symlink,
otherwise you could cat the contents into your package.keywords file.

= Installing the release ebuilds =

The release ebuilds are in portage now, but you can use the sets from this
overlay to install those packages.

= Using sets =

If you have portage-2.2_rc8 or later, you can then use one of our sets:
emerge @lxde-lite or @lxde-full. You don't have to use a set, you can simply
pick and choose which packages you want to install. Have a look at the
../sets/lxde-lite file for what we recommend as a minimal LXDE configuration.
Not all packages have a release version (yet), so we recommend using the
@lxde-lite set and adding the other available packages if you want them.

= Configuration and help =

At this stage we recommend you read the LXDE wiki at http://lxde.org/wiki/
for more information. We will develop a Gentoo LXDE install and configuration
guide along the way.

You can also get help on IRC. The official upstream channel is #lxde on
irc.oftc.net, which most of the Gentoo LXDE team also frequents. You are
also welcome to #gentoo and #gentoo-desktop on chat.freenode.net.

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