Django currencies and exchange rates for django projects

You need a key from to get the echange rates


  • Currencies and exchange rates models
  • Exchange rates with diferent rates for diferent dates
  • Load automatically currencies and rates from


  1. Add "currency_rates" directory to your Python path.
  2. Add "currency_rates" to the INSTALLED_APPS tuple found in your settings file.
  3. Add OPENEXCHANGERATES_APP_ID to your setting file with an app key from
  4. Run syncdb to create the new tables or migrate is you are using South
  5. Run load_currencies to load currencies from
  6. Run load_rates to load current eschange rates from

Migrate to v0.3

On version v0.3 we changed the curency name length from 25 to 50 and we adopted south for the schema migrations.

If you have installed django-currency-rates version v0.1 or v0.2 and want to migrate, first you have to install South update the django-currency-rates app and then you have to execute the first migration as fake with

./ migrate currency_rates 0001_initial --fake
./ migrate currency_rates