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Yohan Boniface  committed e55507f

No scrollWheelZoom by default on iframe export (fix #59)

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File leaflet_storage/forms.py

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         ("displayDataBrowserOnLoad", _("Do you want to display data browser on load?"), False),
         ("displayPopupFooter", _("Do you want to display popup footer?"), False),
         ("miniMap", _("Do you want to display a minimap?"), False),
+        ("scrollWheelZoom", _("Allow scroll wheel zoom?"), True),
         ("editInOSMControl", _("Do you want to display control with links to edit in OSM?"), False),
         ("enableMarkerDraw", _("Do you want to enable Marker drawing?"), True),
         ("enablePolylineDraw", _("Do you want to enable Polyline drawing?"), True),

File leaflet_storage/views.py

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             'scaleControl': 0,
             'miniMap': 0,
             'tileLayersControl': 0,
+            'scrollWheelZoom': 0,
         query_string = "&".join("%s=%s" % (k, v) for k, v in qs_kwargs.iteritems())
         iframe_url = "%s?%s" % (iframe_url, query_string)