django-leaflet-storage / leaflet_storage / templatetags /

from django.utils import simplejson
from django import template
from django.conf import settings

from ..models import Category
from ..views import _urls_for_js

register = template.Library()

def leaflet_storage_css():
    return {
        "STATIC_URL": settings.STATIC_URL

def leaflet_storage_js():
    return {
        "STATIC_URL": settings.STATIC_URL

def map_fragment(map_instance):
    categories = Category.objects.filter(map=map_instance, display_on_load=True)
    category_data = [c.json for c in categories]
    return {
        'map': map_instance,
        'tilelayer': simplejson.dumps(map_instance.tilelayers_data[0]),
        'categories': simplejson.dumps(category_data),
        'urls': simplejson.dumps(_urls_for_js()),
        'STATIC_URL': settings.STATIC_URL,

def tilelayer_preview(tilelayer):
    Return an <img> tag with a tile of the tilelayer.
    output = '<img src="{src}" alt="{alt}" title="{title}" />'
    url = tilelayer.url_template.format(s="a", z=9, x=265, y=181)
    output = output.format(src=url,,
    return output
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