django-leaflet-storage / leaflet_storage / templates / leaflet_storage / map_embed.html

{% load i18n %}
<h3>{% trans "Embed this map" %}</h3>
<textarea><iframe width="500" height="300" frameBorder="0" src="{{ iframe_url }}"></iframe><p><a href="{{ map_url }}">{% trans "See full screen" %}</a></p></textarea>
<h3>{% trans "Short URL" %}</h3>
<input type="text" value="{{ map_short_url }}" />
<h3>{% trans "Download map data" %}</h3>
<p>{% blocktrans with licence=map.licence %}The data is published under the <a href="{{ licence.details }}">{{ licence }}</a> licence. Please check it before using the data in your own projects.{% endblocktrans %}</p>
<form action="{% url 'download_data' %}">
    {{ download_form }}
    <input type="submit" value="{% trans 'Download' %}" />