django-leaflet-storage / README.rst


Provide collaborative maps for your Django project.

Django-Leaflet-Storage is a backend for Leaflet.Storage, built on top of Geodjango and Leaflet.

Check the demo here

Maintained repositories



You will need a geo aware database. See Geodjango doc for backend installation.

Then you can pip install the app:

pip install django-leaflet-storage

Add leaflet_storage to you apps:


Include leaflet_storage urls:

(r'', include('leaflet_storage.urls')),

Create tables (add --migrate if you are using South:

python syncdb --migrate

Basic usage

From the Django admin (for now), you need to create at least:

  • one TileLayer instance
  • one Licence instance

Then, go to the map front page (something like http://localhost:8017/map/my-map-slug), and you will be able to add features (Marker, Polygon...).

Advanced configuration

Use your own models

Sometimes, you will need to add specific properties to the Marker, Polyline or Polygon. Its easy to do so with leaflet_storage.

Create a model that inherit from AbstractMarker (for Marker example):

from leaflet_storage.base_models import AbstractMarker

class MyMarker(AbstractMarker):
    # your fields here

Then, in your settings, add:

    "Marker": ('my_app', 'MyModel'),


Of course, you will need to do this before running the initial syncdb.

Decide which features are editable

For now, only Marker, Polyline and Polygon features are supported. Maybe you just want for example the Marker to be editable. For this, you will need to override the map configuration in JavaScript. You will have to explicity prevent the Polyline and Polygon editing, doing so:

    // create map_settings like the default template does
    map_settings.editOptions = {
            "polyline": null,
            "polygon": null
    // Create the map like the default template does

Disabling totally inplace editing

Again, this have to be done in JavaScript:

    map_settings.allowEdit = false;
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