django-leaflet-storage /

django-leaflet-storage changelog


  • renamed internally category in datalayer
  • add a rank column to tilelayer to control their order in the tilelayer edit box
  • fix description that was not exported in the GeoJSON export
  • return proper 403 if bad signature on anonymous_edit_url access
  • refactored tilelayer management
  • smarter encoding management at import
  • smarter errors management at import
  • handle other delimiters than just comma for CSV import
  • Spanish translation, thanks to Igor Támara
  • map clone possibility


  • handle anonymous map creation
  • Fix color no more displayed in map info box (cf #70)
  • portuguese translation (thanks @FranciscoDS)
  • fix bug when the map title was too long (making the slug too long, and so over the database limit for this field)
  • add a setting to display map caption on map load (cf Leaflet.Storage#50)
  • update to django 1.5
  • first version of a CSV import
  • add a Textarea in import form
  • first version of data export (GeoJSON only for now)



  • first packaged version
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