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Version 0.5 totally review the modelisation: instead of one model per feature (Marker, Polygon, Polyline), now all data are stored as geojson attached to the DataLayer.


Provide collaborative maps for your Django project.

Django-Leaflet-Storage is a backend for Leaflet.Storage, built on top of Geodjango and Leaflet.

Check the demo here

Maintained repositories



You will need a geo aware database. See Geodjango doc for backend installation.

Then you can pip install the app:

pip install django-leaflet-storage

Add leaflet_storage to you apps:


Include leaflet_storage urls:

(r'', include('leaflet_storage.urls')),

Create tables (add --migrate if you are using South:

python syncdb --migrate

Basic usage

From the Django admin (for now), you need to create at least:

  • one TileLayer instance
  • one Licence instance

Then, go to the map creation page (something like http://localhost:8017/map/new), and you will be able to add features (Marker, Polygon...).