Yoko Toka  committed b490b59

Fix deprecated using md5 and sha modules. Replace of a hashlib module call.

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File twill/other_packages/_mechanize_dist/

-import re, base64, urlparse, posixpath, md5, sha, sys, copy
+import re, base64, urlparse, posixpath, sys, copy, hashlib
 from urllib2 import BaseHandler
 from urllib import getproxies, unquote, splittype, splituser, splitpasswd, \
     def get_algorithm_impls(self, algorithm):
         # lambdas assume digest modules are imported at the top level
         if algorithm == 'MD5':
-            H = lambda x:
+            H = lambda x: hashlib.md5(x).hexdigest()
         elif algorithm == 'SHA':
-            H = lambda x:
+            H = lambda x: hashlib.sha1(x).hexdigest()
         # XXX MD5-sess
         KD = lambda s, d: H("%s:%s" % (s, d))
         return H, KD