library name problem with legacy codes

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Guillaume Roguez
repo owner created an issue

Current library naming is //libraryX.library// where X is the major Python number.\ The library version is //XY.Z//, corresponding to Python version //X.Y.Z//.

The problem is Python minor version number change (Y) means changes into the C-API.\ So FD's list of the python morphos library are subject to some modifications causing incompatibilities with legacy code using older library version (like the python2.5 frontend binary, used with a v27.x library).

To solve this, the idea is to rename python library using following format:


The version format is not changed.\ In this way, the C-API exported by one named library will never break programs build for.\ If a program needs to be compatible with a new C-API it should be re-builded for this one.