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os.spawnv not work, is necessary when you want to run the django test server.

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  1. Guillaume Roguez repo owner
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    Programmers are advised to use subprocess module than spawn stuff... subprocess support is started and works (found some cases of system lock but in most cases it works). It could be good to see if django can be patched

    From Python 2.7.3 documentation:

    os.spawnl(mode, path, ...)
    os.spawnle(mode, path, ..., env)
    os.spawnlp(mode, file, ...)
    os.spawnlpe(mode, file, ..., env)
    os.spawnv(mode, path, args)¶
    os.spawnve(mode, path, args, env)
    os.spawnvp(mode, file, args)
    os.spawnvpe(mode, file, args, env)
    Availability: Unix, Windows. spawnlp(), spawnlpe(), spawnvp() and spawnvpe() are not available on Windows. spawnle() and spawnve() are not thread-safe on Windows; we advise you to use the subprocess module instead.
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