_subprocess module does not inherit currentdir

Issue #20 invalid
Anonymous created an issue

The _subprocess module should pass on currentdir to its subprocess so that tools like https://bitbucket.org/pypa/setuptools/raw/bootstrap/ez_setup.py work properly.

ez_setup.py does a os.chdir() before a subprocess.call() to launch stuff in tempdir, but fails because the subprocess currentdir is not inherited.

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  1. Guillaume Roguez repo owner

    I've check with v2.7.6-12: an os.dir() is taken in account by subproccess.call() command. The issue is refused.

    But I've discovered the your problem: ez_setup.py waits that the return code to be non-zero. But _subprocess.WaitForSTM (called by call()) always return False, indicating an error, even with succeful commands. So a new issue is going to be created for that.

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