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2.7 MorphOS support

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06 January 2014: 846af8f / Python27-v27.6-16.tar.bz2


  • subprocess: fix bug #18 and #22 preventing subprocess to works.
  • os: force all stat.st_nlink to be 1 at minimal


  • sync with 3.2.2 Makefile

Known limitations

  • some API may missing in the library FD's. Please, warn me if you need them!
  • library is build without Py_DEBUG, so API brings by this mode is not exported.
    Do not try to build something using this define!
  • C code extending Python by exporting new type must preserve R13 register (PowerPC)!
    or crash will occure (python library is baserel).
    Modules build using distutils are almost safe, as gcc is run using r13 protection option.
  • socket module can't be used in threads
  • local module not well supported
  • some minor modules are not supported... but no time for that (help wanted).

Dev notes (or 2.7.3)

Things to checks before public release

  • regr tests must be be validated:
    • No crashes, system freeze or test lock!
    • no -x rules!
    • skip expected list filled (

Latest regression test results

252 tests OK.
59 tests failed:
    test__locale test_array test_asynchat test_asyncore test_cmath
    test_cmd_line test_cmd_line_script test_compiler test_datetime
    test_distutils test_doctest test_dumbdbm test_file test_file2k
    test_fileio test_format test_gdb test_glob test_grp test_hash
    test_hotshot test_httplib test_import test_io test_lib2to3
    test_locale test_math test_mhlib test_os test_pdb test_pep352
    test_platform test_popen test_popen2 test_py_compile test_pydoc
    test_quopri test_random test_select test_shutil test_signal
    test_site test_strptime test_subprocess test_sys test_sysconfig
    test_tarfile test_telnetlib test_tempfile test_thread
    test_threadsignals test_time test_unicode_file test_unicodedata
    test_unittest test_urllib2 test_warnings test_zipfile
59 tests skipped:
    test_aepack test_al test_applesingle test_bsddb test_bsddb185
    test_bsddb3 test_cd test_cl test_codecmaps_cn test_codecmaps_hk
    test_codecmaps_jp test_codecmaps_kr test_codecmaps_tw
    test_commands test_curses test_dbm test_dl test_epoll test_fcntl
    test_fork1 test_gdbm test_gl test_imgfile test_ioctl test_kqueue
    test_largefile test_linuxaudiodev test_macos test_macostools
    test_mmap test_msilib test_multiprocessing test_nis test_openpty
    test_ossaudiodev test_pep277 test_pipes test_poll test_posix
    test_pty test_readline test_resource test_scriptpackages
    test_smtpnet test_sqlite test_startfile test_sunaudiodev test_tcl
    test_timeout test_tk test_ttk_guionly test_ttk_textonly
    test_urllib2net test_urllibnet test_wait3 test_wait4 test_winreg
    test_winsound test_zipfile64
1 skip unexpected on morphos: