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Rich Leland avatarRich Leland
Bump version to 1.1.2.
Brent Tubbs avatarBrent Tubbs
use lazy SFTP connection to avoid paramiko hanging on import when storage is passed into file field init
Default avatar san...@boggs
create pseudo directories for every '/' in the filename
Default avatar san...@boggs
set _pos to 0 after creating of CloudFilesStorageFile
Default avatar san...@boggs
Do not read beyond the end of the file. Server will respond with 416 unsatisfied range.
Default avatar dArignac
fixed error on
Brent Tubbs avatarBrent Tubbs
Brent Tubbs avatarBrent Tubbs
adding SFTP storage backend
mattrobenolt avatarmattrobenolt
Don't validate bucket if we're not auto creating it.
mattrobenolt avatarmattrobenolt
Oops, a typo in the default kwarg. :(
mattrobenolt avatarmattrobenolt
Adding support for calling_format to S3 boto.
David Larlet avatarDavid Larlet
Merge work from Graham King, thanks
Graham King avatarGraham King
Added ThreadSafeCloudFilesStorage, a thread safe subclass of CloudFilesStorage
Default avatar brokenseal
Added the option to set the connection kwargs inside the django settings file
Ian Lewis avatarIan Lewis
Copy the headers so that gzip headers aren't added to subsequent save() operations. fixes #75
Jannis Leidel avatarJannis Leidel
Jannis Leidel avatarJannis Leidel
Updated S3Storage backend to also respect the new AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA settings.
Jannis Leidel avatarJannis Leidel
Added AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA options for S3BotoStorage backend to preload bucket metadata.
David Larlet avatarDavid Larlet
Merging bug_70 branch
Yann Malet avatarYann Malet
This modification aims to fix the bug #70 of django-storage for the cloudfiles backend. The goal is to only try to delete the file if the file exits.
Default avatar Michael Hrivnak
Updated version number and moved it onto the storage module.
Jannis Leidel avatarJannis Leidel
Added s3.PreloadingS3Storage which preloads bucket content info to make it faster in common methods (modified_time (new), size, exists). The new modified_time method requires python-dateutil to parse the ISO 8601 date.
David Larlet avatarDavid Larlet
zbyte64 avatarzbyte64
Fix for python 2.7
Sébastien Fievet avatarSébastien Fievet
Fixed #54 Fix for sha depreciation warning in
Fabian Topfstedt avatarFabian Topfstedt
Optional overwriting of files using AWS_S3_FILE_OVERWRITE (defaults to True)
Ian Lewis avatarIan Lewis
Fixed an import error with newer versions of Boto by importing S3ResponseError from boto.exception
Jannis Leidel avatarJannis Leidel
Minor cosmetic changes.
Jannis Leidel avatarJannis Leidel
Set a default calling format since it's unnecessary to specify it proejct settings.
Olly Smith avatarOlly Smith
s3boto: only set a bucket's ACL if it's being automatically created.
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