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 <title>Arbitrary Precision Calculator</title>

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<a href='/'>Home</a>

<p>Arbitrary Precision Calculator (by Coq)</p>
<form action='/cgi-bin/calcoq/index.cgi' method='post' name='calc'>
<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
 <tr><td valign=top>
  <table border=1 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1 bgcolor=#7597dd id='free' width=650>
   <tr style='background-color: #e5ecf9;'>
    <td rowspan=2 valign=middle nowrap width=200>&nbsp;<b>Expression</b>&nbsp;</td>
    <td nowrap width=200>&nbsp;Digit number<select name='precision'>
     <option value='inf' selected>infinity</option>
    <td nowrap width=200>&nbsp;</td>
    <td rowspan=2 nowrap align=center valign=middle >&nbsp;</td>
   <tr style='background-color: #e5ecf9;'>
    <td nowrap>&nbsp;</td>
   <tr style='background-color: #ffffff;'>
     <td colspan=4 valign=top><textarea style='border-style:none;width:100%;' rows=12 name='formula'>::text::</textarea></td>
   <tr><td height=35 valign=middle style='background-color:#e5ecf9;' colspan=4>
       &nbsp;&nbsp;<input type='submit' value='Execution'>
   <tr><td bgcolor='#e5ecf9' colspan=4>&nbsp;Answer
   <tr style='background-color: #ffffff;'><td nowrap valign='top' colspan=4>
<div align=right>
Powered by <a href=''>OCaml</a>
and <a href=''>Coq</a>.

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