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<a href='about.html/'>About me</a>,  
<a href='index.cgi'>Arbitrary Precision Calculator</a>,  
<a href='lambdavn/'>Lambda Vn</a><br>

<h2>About me</h2>
  <li>name: Yoshihiro Imai</li>
  <li>address: Nagoya, Japan</li>
  <li>weblog: <a href=''>Programming in the Poultry House</a></li>
  <li>twitter: <a href=''>yoshihiro503</li>
  <li>E-mail: y.imai at</li>
<!-- <form action='index.cgi' method='post' name='calc'> -->
<!-- <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0> -->
<!--  <tr><td valign=top> -->
<!--   <table border=1 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1 bgcolor=#7597dd id='free' width=650> -->
<!--    <tr style='background-color: #e5ecf9;'> -->
<!--     <td rowspan=2 valign=middle nowrap width=200>&nbsp;<b>Expression</b>&nbsp;</td> -->
<!--     <td nowrap width=200>&nbsp;Digit number<select name='precision'> -->
<!--      <option value='inf' selected>infinity</option> -->
<!--     </select></td> -->
<!--     <td nowrap width=200>&nbsp;</td> -->
<!--     <td rowspan=2 nowrap align=center valign=middle >&nbsp;</td> -->
<!--    </tr> -->
<!--    <tr style='background-color: #e5ecf9;'> -->
<!--     <td nowrap>&nbsp;</td> -->
<!--     <td>&nbsp;</td> -->
<!--    </tr> -->
<!--    <tr style='background-color: #ffffff;'> -->
<!--      <td colspan=4 valign=top><textarea style='border-style:none;' cols=73 rows=12 name='formula'>::text::</textarea></td> -->
<!--    </tr> -->
<!--    <tr><td height=35 valign=middle style='background-color:#e5ecf9;' colspan=4> -->
<!--        &nbsp;&nbsp;<input type='submit' value='Execution'> -->
<!--    </td></tr> -->
<!--    <tr><td bgcolor='#e5ecf9' colspan=4>&nbsp;Answer -->
<!--    </td></tr> -->
<!--    <tr style='background-color: #ffffff;'><td nowrap valign='top' colspan=4><input size='79' style=' border-style: none;' type='text' id='ans' class='text' value='::result::'> -->
<!--    </td></tr> -->
<!--   </table> -->
<!--  </td></tr> -->
<!-- </table> -->
<!-- </form> -->
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and <a href=''><img src='barron_logo.png' alt='powered by Coq' border='0' height='40'/></a>.
Original: <a href=''>High precision calculator</a><br>
Free CGI server: <a href=''>Zero Web Server</a><br>
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