SecHTTP(by Python)

This project is under The MIT Licence. Please check it in ./mitlicence.txt before using this codes.


SpecialThanks:Kohei YOSHIDA

How to use

  1. Edit webproxy/clean_secret_settings.py
  2. Rename webproxy/clean_secret_settings.py to webproxy/secret_settings.py
  3. Edit clean_crypto_data.py
  4. Rename clean_crypto_data.py to crypto_data.py
  5. $ python manage.py syncdb

Required Modules(Able to install from pip)(ex. sudo pip install django)

  • Python2.7>=
  • Django1.4
  • django-registration
  • BeautifulSoup4
  • PyDNS
  • requests
  • cssutils
  • PyCrypto