Javascript library for reading CSV files.

-- provide nice functions for reading CSV files in javascript
-- validate whether a CSV file conforms to a given schema
-- provide nice functions for writing CSV files in javascript
-- support really large files (multiple gigabytes)

Demo: A User drags a CSV file into brower and can display it in 
table/spreadsheet form, the user can change values then click a 
button to make sure everything still conforms to schema, 
the user can click another button to save edited files.

Everything happens client side, in javascript, nothing server side.

7/30 - Have Drag and Drop set up so that you can produce a table directly from a file with no need to copy and paste. -- DONE
8/1 - Have a validateValues function set up -- DONE
8/2 - Have a validateRows function set up -- DONE
8/5 - Have a validateSchema function set up -- DONE
8/7 - Be able to validate an edited csv at the click of a button -- DONE
8/7 - Be able to resave edited csv in file -- DONE
8/16 - Be able to support really big files
8/23 - Have tests written