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 ``openpack`` is Copyright (c) 2010 by YouGov Plc. under `this license
+Openpack is a base library for OpenXML documents. It's used by the `paradocx
+<http://bitbucket.org/yougov/paradocx>`_ and `Xlsxcessive
+Openpack includes two utilities for working with OpenXML documents from the
+command-line, `part-edit` and `zip-listdir`.
+`zip-listdir` isn't specific to OpenXML, and will work on any zip file.
+However, since OpenXML documents are themselves zip files, it's useful to have
+when working with OpenXML::
+    > zip-listdir ..\paradocx\data.docx
+      [Content_Types].xml
+    d _rels
+    d word
+`zip-listdir` lists the files and directories and can be used to list
+sub-directories as well::
+    > zip-listdir ..\paradocx\data.docx/word
+    d _rels
+      document.xml
+While `zip-listdir` enables inspecting the structure of the zip content of
+an OpenXML document, `part-edit` facilitates editing the various parts of
+those documents using the client's text editor. For example, to edit the
+`word/document.xml` as found in data.docx from the previous example, simply
+invoke part-edit::
+    > part-edit ..\paradocx\data.docx/word/document.xml
+The program will attempt to use the default text editor to edit the file. If
+the default editor is not sufficient, the user may specify an editor by
+setting either XML_EDITOR or EDITOR environment variables.
+`part-edit` will parse the zip file, locate the content within the zip file,
+extract that content to a temporary file, and then open that content in an
+editor. After the editor is closed, if the file was changed, the zip file
+will be updated with the new content.
+The user may pass the optional `--reformat-xml`, in which case the XML will
+be pretty-formatted for easier human readability.
 For the list of changes, see `CHANGES in the repository