Jason R. Coombs  committed 2d2065e

Removed default filename for sqlite database

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 Other backward-incompatible changes::
  - The `config` object has been moved into the parent `pmxbot` package.
+ - A sqlite db URI must always specify the full path to the database file;
+   pmxbot will no longer accept just the directory name.
 Other changes::

File pmxbot/

 		self.nickname = nickname
 		self._channels = channels + nolog_channels
 		self._nolog = set(('#' + c if not c.startswith('#') else c) for c in nolog_channels)
-		# for backward compatibility, allow db_uri to specify the folder where
-		#  pmxbot.sqlite would reside
-		if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(db_uri, "pmxbot.sqlite")):
-			db_uri = os.path.join(db_uri, "pmxbot.sqlite")
 		self.db_uri = db_uri
 		self._nickname = nickname