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Cache the channel listing because retrieval might be slow.

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 import datetime
 import itertools
 import struct
+import threading
 import pytz
 		channel = channel.replace('#', '').lower()
 		self._message(channel, nick, msg)
+	def list_channels(self):
+		# channel listing can be expensive, so returned a cached result and
+		#  refresh the cache in the background.
+		def update_cache():
+			self._channel_cache = self._list_channels()
+		if not '_channel_cache' in vars(self):
+			update_cache()
+		else:
+			threading.Thread(target = update_cache).start()
+		return self._channel_cache
 init_logger = Logger.from_URI
 class SQLiteLogger(Logger, storage.SQLiteStorage):
 		return matches
-	def list_channels(self):
+	def _list_channels(self):
 		query = "SELECT distinct channel from logs"
 		return (chan[0] for chan in self.db.execute(query).fetchall())
 		return matches
-	def list_channels(self):
+	def _list_channels(self):
 		return self.db.distinct('channel')
 	def last_message(self, channel):
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