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Disabled slow test_rss test

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File tests/

 	http = httplib2.Http(timeout=2)
 	open_google = functools.partial(http.request, '')
 	config.has_internet &= not throws_exception(open_google, [Exception])
+def pytest_addoption(parser):
+	parser.addoption("--runslow", action="store_true",
+		help="run slow tests")
+def pytest_runtest_setup(item):
+	if 'slow' in item.keywords and not item.config.getvalue("runslow"):
+		pytest.skip("need --runslow option to run")

File tests/functional/

 import time
+import pytest
 from tests.functional import PmxbotHarness
 class TestPmxbotLog(PmxbotHarness):
 		Test that the harness is working.
+	@pytest.mark.slow
 	def test_bot_running_after_feeds_parsed(self):
 		The RSS feed parser attempts to fetch feeds after 30 seconds and save