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The default branch has multiple heads

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Jason R. Coombs
Allow more fine-grained control of chaining 'contains' commands - just pass 'allow_chain=True' in @contains decorator
Chris Jowett
Allow for more than one @contains command to trigger, disabled by default
Jason R. Coombs
Can't execute from package. Created __main__ instead.
Jason R. Coombs
Use IRC server on localhost by default
Jason R. Coombs
Allow -m launching via 'pmxbot' and 'pmxbot.web'. Launching via 'pmxbot.core' caused problems because globals in pmxbot.core would be duplicated. Launching via -m runs the code in the module as a script and not as that module.
Jason R. Coombs
Now default config specified in pmxbot.__init__ and config parameter is optional
Jason R. Coombs
Moved config into pmxbot package
Chris Mulligan
Initial public checkin