Issue #27 resolved

pmxbotweb Help doesn't show aliases

created an issue

The web help isn't printing the command aliases properly, instead printing something like:

<pmxbot.core.AliasHandler object at 0x323e0d0>

I was able to fix this with the following patch. It's possible it would be better to modify the CherryPy template instead.

diff --git a/pmxbot/ b/pmxbot/
index bf8a284..4dac954 100644
--- a/pmxbot/
+++ b/pmxbot/
@@ -472,6 +472,9 @@ class CommandHandler(Handler):
 class AliasHandler(CommandHandler):
        class_priority = 2

+    def __repr__(self):
+        return
 class RegexpHandler(ContainsHandler):
        class_priority = 4

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