pmxbot / pmxbot /

from __future__ import absolute_import

import abc
import itertools
import importlib
import logging
	import urllib.parse as urllib_parse
except ImportError:
	import urlparse as urllib_parse

from jaraco.util.classutil import itersubclasses

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class SelectableStorage(object):
	A mix-in for storage classes which will construct a suitable subclass based
	on the URI.

	_finalizers = []

	def from_URI(cls, URI):
		candidates = itersubclasses(cls)
		if hasattr(cls, 'scheme'):
			candidates = itertools.chain([cls], candidates)
		matches = (cls for cls in candidates if cls.uri_matches(URI))
		return next(matches)(URI)

	def uri_matches(cls, uri):
		super_matches = super(SelectableStorage, cls).uri_matches(uri)
		return (urllib_parse.urlparse(uri).scheme == cls.scheme
			or super_matches)

	def migrate(cls, source_uri, dest_uri):
		source = cls.from_URI(source_uri)
		dest = cls.from_URI(dest_uri)
		map(dest.import_, source.export_all())

	def finalize(cls):
		"Delete the various persistence objects"
		for finalizer in cls._finalizers:
			except Exception:
				log.exception("Error in finalizer %s", finalizer)

class Storage(object):
	def uri_matches(cls, uri):
		return False

class SQLiteStorage(Storage):
	scheme = 'sqlite'

	def uri_matches(cls, uri):
		return uri.endswith('.sqlite')

	def __init__(self, uri):
		self.filename = urllib_parse.urlparse(uri).path
		self.db = sqlite.connect(self.filename, isolation_level=None,

	def init_tables(self):

	def _import_modules(self):
			from pysqlite2 import dbapi2 as sqlite
		except ImportError:
			from sqlite3 import dbapi2 as sqlite

class MongoDBStorage(Storage):
	scheme = 'mongodb'

	def uri_matches(cls, uri):
		return uri.startswith('mongodb:')

	def __init__(self, host_uri):
		pymongo = importlib.import_module('pymongo')
		bson = importlib.import_module('bson')
		self.db = pymongo.Connection(host_uri).pmxbot[self.collection_name]

def migrate_all(source, dest):
	for cls in SelectableStorage.__subclasses__():
			cls.migrate(source, dest)
		except AttributeError:
			print("Unable to migrate {cls}".format(**vars()))
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