pmxbot / CHANGES


* @contains decorator has a new keyword parameter: `allow_chain`. Set to True
  to allow subsequent @contains decorators to match.
* Issue #18: Strip periods from acronym, fixing errors from remote service.


* Now use irc 3.3.
* Python 3 bug fixes.


* Updated to irc 3.1.
* Replaced cleanhtml with BeautifulSoup.
* Preliminary Python 3 support (compiles and runs).


* Initial support for logging joins/parts in logged channels.


* Added !logs command to query for the location of the logs.


* Moved config to 'pmxbot.config'.
* Config parameter no longer required.


This release incorporates another substantial refactor. The `pmxbotweb`
package is being removed in favor of the namespaced-package `pmxbot.web`.

Additionally, config entries for the pmxbotweb command have been renamed::

 - `web_host` is now simply `host`
 - `web_port` is now simply `port`

A backward-compatibility shim has been added to support the old config values
until version 1104.

The backward compatibile module `pmxbot.botbase` has been removed.


Build 1102 of `pmxbot` involves some major refactoring to normalize the
codebase and improve stability.

With version 1102, much of the backward compatibility around quotes and karma
has been removed::

 - The Karma store must now be referenced as `` (a
   class attribute). It is no longer available as `pmxbot.pmxbot:karma` nor
   `pmxbot.util:karma` nor `pmxbot.karma.karma`.
 - Similarly, the Quotes store must now be referenced as
   `` (a class attribute).
 - Similarly, the Logger store must now be referenced as
   `` instead of `pmxbot.botbase.logger`.

Other backward-incompatible changes::

 - The `config` object has been moved into the parent `pmxbot` package.
 - A sqlite db URI must always specify the full path to the database file;
   pmxbot will no longer accept just the directory name.

Other changes::

 - Renamed `pmxbot.botbase` to `pmxbot.core`. A backward-compatibility
   `botbase` module is temporarily available to provide access to the public
   `command`, `execdelay`, and similar decorators.