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pmxbot is an IRC bot written in python. Originally built for internal use,
it's been sanitized and set free upon the world.

pmxbot listens to commands prefixed by a '!'
If it's a command it knows it will reply, take an action, etc. 
It can search the web, quote you, track karma, make decisions,
and do just about anything else you could want. It logs text in a sqlite3
database, and eventually we'll write a web interface to it.

pmxbot will respond to things you say if it detects words and phrases it's
been told to recognize. For example, mention sql on rails.

pmxbot requires python, of course. Probably 2.5+. It also requires a few python packages:

* python-irclib
* pyyaml
* simplejson or json
* feedparser
* httplib2
* sqlite3

Configuration is based on very easy YAML files. Check out config.yaml in the
source tree for an example.

Once you've setup a config file, you just need to call ``pmxbot config.yaml``
and it will join and connect. We recommend running pmxbot under djb's
daemontools to make it automatically restart if it crashes. 

Writing a new feature
Adding new features is very easy, you just need to add them to
following the established convention. A command gets the @command deocator::

  @command("tinytear", aliases=('tt', 'tear', 'cry'), doc="I cry a tiny tear for you.")
  def tinytear(client, event, channel, nick, rest):
  	if rest:
  		return "/me sheds a single tear for %s" % rest
  		return "/me sits and cries as a single tear slowly trickles down its cheek"

A response uses the @contains decorator::

  def yay_sor(client, event, channel, nick, rest):
  	karmaChange(botbase.logger.db, 'sql on rails', 1)
  	return "Only 76,417 lines..."