pmxbot / config.yaml

server_host: ""
server_port: 6667
bot_nickname: pmxbot
    - "#pmxbot"
    - "#pmxbot2"
inane_channel: "#pmxbot"
# database should be something like a MongoDB URI (mongodb://localhost)
#  or sqlite URI (sqlite:path/filename)
database: sqlite:pmxbot.sqlite
places: ["Palo Alto, CA", "Canton, OH", "Washington, DC", "London, England"]
    PA: ["Pasta?", "Thaiphoon", "Pluto's", "Penninsula Creamery", "Kan Zeman"]
feed_interval: 15 #minutes
    - name    : "pmxbot bitbucket"
      channel : "#botone"
      linkurl : ""
      url     : ""
    - name    : "pmxbot on twitter"
      channel : "#bottwo"
      linkurl : ""
      url     : ""

web_base: /
web_port: 8080
#logo: /pmxbot.png
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