pmxbot /

The default branch has multiple heads

import pkg_resources
#from jaraco.develop import bitbucket
from paver.easy import task

import pmxbot.core
import pmxbot.web.viewer

def to_wiki(commands):
	yield '|= Command |= Aliases |= Description |'
	for command, doc, aliases in commands:
		aliases = ', '.join(repr( for alias in aliases)
		doc = doc.replace('|', '~|')
		yield '| {command} | {aliases} | {doc} |'.format(**vars())
def update_wiki():
	ctx = pmxbot.web.viewer.HelpPage.get_context()
	commands = ctx['commands']
	project = 'yougov/pmxbot'
	title = 'Home'
	path = ''
	req = pkg_resources.require('pmxbot')
	usage = pkg_resources.resource_stream('pmxbot', 'example usage.txt')
	content = home_wiki % dict(
	# api is broken, so copy/paste
	# bitbucket.update_wiki(project, title, path, content)
	print("You need to update the wiki yourself: ")

home_wiki = """
== Welcome ==
{{|pmxbot skynet logo}}{{|pmxbot horrible logo}}

Welcome to pmxbot!

== Feature List ==
While pmxbot's feature set is always growing and changing, here's a list of the current features included as part of version %(version)s.


== Example Session ==
It's sometimes hard to get a sense of what pmxbot is like if you've never used it, so here's an example IRC discussion where we heavily use pmxbot.