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-== Example Session ==
+== Example Session ==
+It's sometimes hard to get a sense of what pmxbot is like if you've never used it, so here's an example IRC discussion where we heavily use pmxbot.
+< chmullig> cperry: in cologne?
+< cperry> !m chmullig
+<@pmxbot> you're doing good work, chmullig!
+< cperry> indeed
+< chmullig> awesome
+< cperry> yeah
+< chmullig> I'm recording a little chat for the pmxbot website
+< cperry> ooooo
+< cperry> is this getting recorded?
+< chmullig> !8ball is pmxbot awesome?
+<@pmxbot> Most likely.
+< chmullig> yes, yes it is
+< cperry> good thing I didn't insult the person I was going to insult
+< cperry> because I love everyone!
+< cperry> !bless
+< chmullig> !cheer everyone
+ * pmxbot blesses the day!
+ * pmxbot cheers for everyone!
+< cperry> !curse insulting people
+ * pmxbot curses insulting people!
+< chmullig> !w Washington, DC | Cologne
+<@pmxbot> Washington D.C., DC. Currently: 70F/21C, Cloudy.    Mon: 73F/22C, Thunderstorm
+<@pmxbot> Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia. Currently: 43F/6C, Mostly Cloudy.    Mon: 46F/7C, Chance of Rain
+< cperry> in fact, every time I think about insulting people, I just want to
+< cperry> !dance
+<@pmxbot> O-\-<
+<@pmxbot> O-|-<
+<@pmxbot> O-/-<
+< chmullig> !def dancing
+<@pmxbot> Wikipedia says: Dance (from French danser, perhaps from Frankish) is an art form that generally 
+          refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression, 
+          social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.
+< cperry> hmm
+< cperry> !urb dancing
+<@pmxbot> Urban Dictionary says dancing: Formal term meaning: to move with unhindered grace around an area 
+          with the presence of another enjoying the same activity.  Urban term: Humping someone in public  
+          Sad world isn't it.
+< cperry> ewwww
+< chmullig> !g salsa dancing classes in washington, dc
+<@pmxbot> - Dance Lessons and Studios - Latin Salsa Merengue 
+          Tango Ballroom
+< cperry> !otrail dancing
+<@pmxbot> dancing made it to oregon. Time to party with schmichael.
+< chmullig> !ylunch Washington, DC 10m
+<@pmxbot> Tonic at Quigley's Pharmacy @ 2036 G St Nw - 
+< cperry> yes! my favorite!