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Set version number in 2.3.0rc1 branch.

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 # In the SVN trunk, the version should always be the next anticipated release
 # version with the "-pre" suffix.  (We used to use "-SNAPSHOT" but this pushed
 # the size of one file name in the dist tarfile over the 99-char limit.)
-AC_INIT([Protocol Buffers],[2.3.0-pre],[],[protobuf])
+AC_INIT([Protocol Buffers],[2.3.0rc1],[],[protobuf])

File java/pom.xml

-  <version>2.3.0-pre</version>
+  <version>2.3.0rc1</version>
   <name>Protocol Buffer Java API</name>

File python/

   setup(name = 'protobuf',
-        version = '2.3.0-pre',
+        version = '2.3.0rc1',
         packages = [ 'google' ],
         namespace_packages = [ 'google' ],
         test_suite = 'setup.MakeTestSuite',