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2.0.1 release.

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 Copyright 2008 Google Inc.
-This package is a beta.  This means that API may change in an
-incompatible way in the future (however, the wire format will *not*
-change).  It's unlikely that any big changes will be made, but we can
-make no promises.  Expect a non-beta release in late August 2008.
 C++ Installation - Unix
 If you are using Cygwin or MinGW, follow the Unix installation
 instructions, above.
+Binary Compatibility Warning
+Due to the nature of C++, it is unlikely that any two versions of the
+Protocol Buffers C++ runtime libraries will have compatible ABIs.
+That is, if you linked an executable against an older version of
+libprotobuf, it is unlikely to work with a newer version without
+re-compiling.  This problem, when it occurs, will normally be detected
+immediately on startup of your app.  Still, you may want to consider
+using static linkage.  You can configure this package to install
+static libraries only using:
+  ./configure --disable-shared
 Java and Python Installation


 # * java/pom.xml
 # * python/
 # * src/google/protobuf/stubs/common.h
-AC_INIT(protobuf, 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT,
+AC_INIT(protobuf, 2.0.1,

File java/pom.xml

-  <!-- This is commented until the parent can be deployed to a repository. -->
-  <!--
-    <parent>
-    <groupId>com</groupId>
+  <parent>
+    <groupId></groupId>
-    <version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
-    </parent>
-  -->
+    <version>1</version>
+  </parent>
-  <version>2.0.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
+  <version>2.0.1</version>
   <name>Protocol Buffer Java API</name>

File python/README.txt

 Protocol Compiler from some other source before you can use this
+Development Warning
+The Python implementation of Protocol Buffers is not as mature as the C++
+and Java implementations.  It may be more buggy, and it is known to be
+pretty slow at this time.  If you would like to help fix these issues,
+join the Protocol Buffers discussion list and let us know!

File python/

   setup(name = 'protobuf',
-        version = '2.0.1-SNAPSHOT',
+        version = '2.0.1',
         packages = [ 'google' ],
         namespace_packages = [ 'google' ],
         test_suite = 'setup.MakeTestSuite',

File src/google/protobuf/compiler/command_line_interface.h

 //   }
 // The compiler is invoked with syntax like:
-//   protoc --cpp_out=outdir --foo_out=outdir --proto_path=src foo.proto
+//   protoc --cpp_out=outdir --foo_out=outdir --proto_path=src src/foo.proto
 // For a full description of the command-line syntax, invoke it with --help.
 class LIBPROTOC_EXPORT CommandLineInterface {

File src/google/protobuf/message.h

 // objects on-demand, on the other hand, would be expensive and prone to
 // memory leaks.  So, instead we ended up with this flat interface.
-// WARNING:  This class is currently in the process of being converted from
-//   a per-instance object to a per-class object.  You'll notice that there
-//   are two sets of methods below:  ones that take a Message pointer or
-//   reference as a parameter, and ones that don't.  The former ones are the
-//   new interface; the latter ones will go away soon.
 // TODO(kenton):  Create a utility class which callers can use to read and
 //   write fields from a Reflection without paying attention to the type.
 class LIBPROTOBUF_EXPORT Reflection {