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Hopefully fix build on Sun Studio.
Upgrade gtest external to gtest-1.4.0.
Build DLLs on Cygwin and MinGW.
Set version number in 2.3.0rc1 branch.
Set version number in 2.3.0rc1 branch.
Tag 2.3.0rc1.
Make sure test_plugin.vcproj is included in dist.
Fix build on MSVC.
Fix build on GCC 3.3/Linux.
Argh, this line was not supposed to be submitted.
Use unordered_map when available. Changes to stl_hash.m4 provided by Oleg Smolsky.
Add a code generator insertion point for Java builders.
Fix build on MinGW/Win32 (including implementing Subprocess using CreateProcess()).
Ensure that 'once' objects are declared using the macro. This is either the third or fourth time I've screwed this up when down-integrating, because our internal code does not require the macro (it's not portable) and on Linux a pthread_once_t that is zero-initialized just happens to work. So, I only discover the problem when I test on Mac, then kick myself for making the same mistake yet again. No more! This time, I have renamed GoogleOnceType to P…
Fix Cygwin build.
Commit missing files from r251. Sigh.
Set version to 2.3.0-pre.
Point test_plugin at the correct gtest headers.
Massive roll-up of changes. See CHANGES.txt.
Some sort of emacs protobuf mode fix.
Fix UTF-8 validity checks to not do unaligned reads.
fix SONAME in trunk
Fix Issue 136: the memoized serialized size for packed fields may not be properly set. writeTo() may be invoked without a call to getSerializedSize(), so the generated serialization methods would write a length of 0 for non-empty packed fields. Just call getSerializedSize() at the beginning of writeTo(): although this means that we may compute the byte size needlessly when there are no packed fields, in practice, getSerializedSize() will already have been called - all of the writeTo() wrappers in AbstractMessageLite invoke it. Tested: new unittest case in now passes
Fix SONAME issue.
Fix SONAME issue.
Create branch for version 2.2.0a.
CodedInputStream.getTotalBytesRead(); patch from Michael Kucharski.
Add benchmarks for writing to a FileOutputStream. Patch from Evan Jones.
Convert to unix-style line endings.
Optimize Java serialization of small messages to streams. Patch from Evan Jones.
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