protobuf /


# Run this script to regenerate descriptor.pb.{h,cc} after the protocol
# compiler changes.  Since these files are compiled into the protocol compiler
# itself, they cannot be generated automatically by a make rule.  "make check"
# will fail if these files do not match what the protocol compiler would
# generate.
# HINT:  Flags passed to will be passed directly
#   to make when building protoc.  This is particularly useful for passing
#   -j4 to run 4 jobs simultaneously.

if test ! -e src/google/protobuf/stubs/common.h; then
  cat >&2 << __EOF__
Could not find source code.  Make sure you are running this script from the
root of the distribution tree.
  exit 1

if test ! -e src/Makefile; then
  cat >&2 << __EOF__
Could not find src/Makefile.  You must run ./configure (and perhaps
./ first.
  exit 1

cd src
make $@ protoc &&
  ./protoc --cpp_out=dllexport_decl=LIBPROTOBUF_EXPORT:. google/protobuf/descriptor.proto && \
  ./protoc --cpp_out=dllexport_decl=LIBPROTOC_EXPORT:. google/protobuf/compiler/plugin.proto
cd ..
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