protobuf / CONTRIBUTORS.txt

This file contains a list of people who have made large contributions
to the public version of Protocol Buffers.

Original Protocol Buffers design and implementation:
  Sanjay Ghemawat <>
  Jeff Dean <>
  Daniel Dulitz <>
  Craig Silverstein
  Paul Haahr <>
  Corey Anderson <>
  (and many others)

Proto2 C++ and Java primary author:
  Kenton Varda <>

Proto2 Python primary authors:
  Will Robinson <>
  Petar Petrov <>

Large code contributions:
  Joseph Schorr <>
  Wenbo Zhu <>

Large quantity of code reviews:
  Scott Bruce <>
  Frank Yellin
  Neal Norwitz <>
  Jeffrey Yasskin <>
  Ambrose Feinstein <>

  Lisa Carey <>

Maven packaging:
  Gregory Kick <>

Non-Google patch contributors:
  Kevin Ko <>
    * Small patch to handle trailing slashes in --proto_path flag.
  Johan Euphrosine <>
    * Small patch to fix Pyhton CallMethod().
  Ulrich Kunitz <>
    * Small optimizations to Python serialization.
  Leandro Lucarella <>
    * VI syntax highlighting tweaks.
    * Fix compiler to not make output executable.
  Dilip Joseph <>
    * Heuristic detection of sub-messages when printing unknown fields in
      text format.
  Brian Atkinson <>
    * Added @Override annotation to generated Java code where appropriate.
  Vincent Choini�re <>
    * Tru64 support.
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