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Tunes DB

server: Tunes DB webapp is a ProtoRPC implementation of a music library.

client: A webapp that is a Tunes DB client and user interface.  Includes utility
for retrieving the Tunes DB service descriptor.

Google App Engine

For more information about Google App Engine, and to download the SDK, see:

Running locally

There are two Google App Engine applications in this demo, server and client.
In order for each application to work it needs to have a link to or a copy of
the protorpc library.

Example on a unix-like OS:

  $ cp -r $PROTORPC/python/protorpc $PROTORPC/demos/tunes_db/client
  $ cp -r $PROTORPC/python/protorpc $PROTORPC/demos/tunes_db/server

To run this demo locally, you need to run two instances of the Google App
Engine dev-appserver, one for the server and the other for the client.  The
server must be run on port 8082.

Example on a unix-like OS:

  $ python $GAE_SDK/ $PROTORPC/demos/tunes_db/client &
  $ python $GAE_SDK/ -p 8082 $PROTORPC/demos/tunes_db/server