Instructions for Setting Up A Dynamic Dummy Image Generator on your own Server -

What are the requirements?
	You need to have a server than can run PHP code and supports the GD library. Since PHP 4.3 the GD library has been bundled in. For more info go to
	It will also help to have mod_rewrite enabled.
What do I do?
	Upload code.php, color.class.php, mplus-1c-medium.ttf, and the included .htaccess file to a directory on your server. If you want a copy of the documentation then upload index.php and if you want the documentation to look good upload /css which contains reset.css and dummyimage.css. If you can't pass the image dimensions from the URL (I.e. doesn't show you an image) then look at the .htaccess file.
	You can always pass the image dimension variables to the script by doing

Sample .htaccess file
	If you can't see a .htaccess file (Windows hides it by default) copy htaccess.txt to your server and rename it to .htaccess 
	Code written by Russell Heimlich -
	Some code was written by Ruquay K Calloway to detect the text bounding box better (see comments in the PHP code.)