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Fromaj est un petit lecteur multimedia qui permet de visionner/éditer ("dérusher") rapidement des fichiers videos pour un montage ultérieur. Modification du taux images/seconde, découpage du début et de la fin, changement de container, etc.

Fwomaj is a small media player to quickly view and edit video files (it's called "derushing") for later editing. Change framerate and other encoding parameters, trim the start and end, etc.



Fwomaj is a media player that can also set and save the following parameters to a new video file:

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Framerate
  • Codec container

Move the time sliders to set the start and end of the saved movie ; Use the Encoding menu to select framerate, and container. Upon clicking the Save (disk icon) button, the trimmed and encoded file is saved in the original file directory.


See build-install.sh or download the latest package.

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