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+yt-dev 2013
+We are proud to officially announce the upcoming 2013 yt developer workshop.
+This three day event, to be held on the campus of the University of California,
+Santa Cruz on March 6th through 8th, will bring together a diverse group of 
+students, researchers, and developers.
+Up to this point, yt development has proceeded largely over the internet,
+leveraging `e-mail lists`_, our `online code repository`_, and `IRC`_ to track,
+discuss, and evaluate changes to the code.  Unfortunately, this model makes it
+difficult to jump in to development as a newcomer.  This workshop will not only
+allow experienced developers to collaborate in person on new features, but will
+also be a means for new developers to learn what yt is about and begin
+contributing.  The workshop will include several training sessions, constituting
+a primer in distributed version control, test-driven development, and best
+practices for scientific programming.
+The workshop will also serve as a venue to plan and execute some of the major
+new features we are planning for the upcoming yt 3.0 release, including full
+support for outputs of Lagrangian codes like Gadget, Gasoline and AREPO, better 
+support for oct-based codes like ART and RAMSES, initial conditions generation, 
+the new Grid Data Format, a new way of handling units and unit conversion, 
+non-cartesian geometries, and advanced graphical browser widgets inside the 
+iPython notebook.
+More information and a registration form for the workshop are available on the
+`workshop website`_. We have limited funding support for hotels and airfare.
+Funds will be preferentially distributed to students and the level of individual
+support will depend on demand.
+If you have questions or concerns about the workshop, please feel free to
+contact the organizers at
+On behalf of the organizing committee,
+Nathan Goldbaum
+.. _e-mail lists:
+.. _online code repository:
+.. _IRC:
+.. _workshop website: