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+2012 In Review
+2012 was an amazing year for yt.  Whether measured by improvements to the code
+or community activity, it has been the busiest and most productive yet.
+Here are a few stats:
+ * We held the first ever `yt workshop <>`_
+   at the FLASH center in Chicago in January.  Plans for a development-focused
+   workshop have already begun in earnest for March of 2013.
+ * 2221 changesets were added to the code base -- out of a total 7369, or
+   slightly over 30%!
+ * One of the most exciting things that happened within the yt community this
+   year has been the growth of the developer community.  Many people who
+   previously used yt, or participated on the mailing list, have transitioned
+   into being very active developers of yt as well.
+   * In 2011, Nathan Goldbaum had contributed one changeset.  In 2012, he was
+     the number two contributor, with 322, ranging from the PlotWindow to field
+     names and fixes for detailed aspects of the FLASH frontend.
+   * This year Kacper Kowalik began to contribute strongly in many areas,
+     including the grid data format, arbitrary data loading, and improving the
+     overall health of the code.
+   * Chris Moody contributed substantially to the (NMSU) ART frontend and
+     support for the Rockstar halo finder, over the course of 121 changesets in
+     2012.
+   * Andrew Myers expanded support for particles in Orion and contributed many
+     changes for Chombo and Boxlib codes.
+   * In 2012, John ZuHone contributed 106 changesets, fixing aspects of the
+     FLASH and Athena frontends and adding substantial support for creating
+     particle datasets in memory and expanding the generation of initial
+     conditions.
+ * With a focus on enabling easier contributions from members of the community,
+   we've also had first-time contributions from many people.
+   * Brian Crosby
+   * Andrew Cunningham
+   * Markus Haider
+   * Christian Karch - a constant cheerful presence in IRC who has helped out
+     with volume rendering and FLASH frontend improvements.
+   * Yuan Li
+   * Joshua Moloney
+   * Thomas Robitaille
+   * Anna Rosen
+   * Anthony Scopatz - who has helped us start a large-scale testing initative,
+     add support for cylindrical coordinates, and transition from using ``na``
+     for NumPy to ``np``!
+   * Elizabeth Tasker
+   * Stephanie Tonnesen - whose help keeping Athena support up to date and
+     functional has been incredibly helpful!
+ * Version 2.4 of yt was released, which included threaded volume rendering,
+   the Plot Window, a totally rewritten GUI, and a bunch of other improvements.
+ * The `yt Hub <>`_ was re-launched with data
+   exploration widgets and an IPython Notebook viewer.
+ * The `documentation for yt <>`_ was streamlined
+   and improved, with some awesome `cookbook recipes
+   <>`_ and improvements.  We
+   also now have a constantly refreshed
+   `build <>`_ of the documentation at
+   `ReadTheDocs <>`_.
+ * Development of yt 3.0 really took off, with people from several communities
+   picking it up and contributing changes.
+ * yt gained the ability to create data totally in memory, and then write it to
+   disk!
+ * The yt community grew and was more active than ever, providing assistance,
+   ideas, sharing suggestions and scripts, and keeping a congenial, friendly
+   attitude.
+Thanks for everything, and here's to making 2013 even better!
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