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         <div class="install_code">
           $ yt update
+        <p>Mike Kuhlen has kindly provided PPAs for Ubuntu.  If you're running
+        Ubuntu, you can install these easily:</p>
+        <div class="install_code">
+          $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kuhlen<br/>
+          $ sudo apt-get update<br/>
+          $ sudo apt-get install yt 
+        </div>
+        <p>If you'd like a development branch of yt, you can change <tt>yt</tt>
+        for <tt>yt-devel</tt> to get the most recently packaged development
+        branch.</p>
           There are more detailed instructions for installation <a
       <div class="clear"></div>
       <div class="two-third">
+        <h3>Testing Dashboard</h3>
+        <p>Thanks to <a href="">Shining Panda</a>
+        for sponsoring our testing dashboard and continuous integration:</p>
+        <div class="install_code">
+          <a href=""></a>
+        </div>
+        <p>This contains the testing results of the current development
+        branch.</p>
         <h3>Recent Commits</h3>
         <ul id="yt_commits" class="events"></ul>