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workshop2013 [45a9e026dd49]
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Update installation instructions on website front page
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Removing the workshop materials from the main website repository, adding them back again as a subrepo.
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Updating workshop2013 state
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Adding pyyaml
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Initial pass at a new website format.
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Fixing broken pyNE link.
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Making data auto-generate
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Initial pass at a new website format.
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Adding templates and a generate.py.
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Eliminate all uses of bitbucket CNAME on the website
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Add info about slack and signup form

The yt website repository

This repository includes the yt website. Some things, including the gallery and contributors, are autogenerated.

To add a new image to the gallery, add it to the img/gallery directory and then add it to gallery.yaml at the top.

To add a new member, add to members.yaml.

To generate the website, run generate.py. This requires a yt to be installed from its mercurial repository directory, and it additionally requires hglib, pyyaml and jinja2 to be installed.