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 field = "Density" # this is the field we look for contours over -- we could do
                   # this over anything.  Other common choices are 'AveragedDensity'
                   # and 'Dark_Matter_Density'.
-step = 10.0 # This is the multiplicative interval between contours.
+step = 2.0 # This is the multiplicative interval between contours.
 pf = load(fn) # load data
 c_max = 10**na.floor(na.log10(data_source[field]).max()+1)
 # keep only clumps with at least 20 cells
-function = '[field].size > 20'
+function = '[\'%s\'].size > 20' % field
 # Now find get our 'base' clump -- this one just covers the whole domain.
 master_clump = Clump(data_source, None, field, function=function)
 prj = ProjectionPlot(pf, 2, field, center='c', width=(20,'kpc'))
 # Next we annotate the plot with contours on the borders of the clumps
 # Lastly, we write the plot to disk.'clumps')'clumps')
 # We can also save the clump object to disk to read in later so we don't have
 # to spend a lot of time regenerating the clump objects.