#99 Merged
  1. chummels

I've added a docs page displaying all of the different colormaps available to the user, as well as the distinction between MPL and yt-native colormaps.

In addition, I'm working with @xarthisius to make the docs autorun a python script which generates a series of identical projections of the same dataset where only the colormap changes in an effort to better illustrate how each colormap looks (Thanks to @jwise77 's great suggestion shown here: https://plus.google.com/photos/113772070647774739169/albums/5701300459759251713 ). This PR should not be accepted until @xarthisius give it the OK, since he may have to do some modifications on the server side to make sure the auto-generated images work.

N.B. I am including static images of the list of cmaps, because I want this to work at some basic level on yt.readthedocs.org, and two images are small file sizes. Lastly, the colormaps aren't expected to change in number too often, so I figured this was a valid step.

UPDATE1: Took into account the comments. Didn't end up switching the projection as @ngoldbaum suggested, simply because it drops the zero points of the cmap, but the zoom/target can be changed later. Created an extension to automatically run in the colormaps and generate the rst dynamically from the images found as suggested by @xarthisius . Tested and seems to work here. I think this is done.

Comments (5)

  1. Kacper Kowalik

    Everything is set on jenkins in preparation for this PR. Currently images are copied to source/cookbook/_static, would you like those files to be put somewhere else?

    1. chummels author

      Let's put them in source/visualization/colormaps/_static , just so they don't get in the way of the cookbook stuff

  2. Kacper Kowalik

    One more thing: maybe it'd be worthwhile to add some script that would generate an .rst file using those images.