Matthew Turk avatar Matthew Turk committed 4b7eea2

Updating hgbb state

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 f3a2076e6f7f12c9e60defcc03a0bdd9d359bc9d cedit
-8d2238c7987bda6efa1eba9dc9b51f303315d6cb hgbb
+59ef4d8883b8a7afc1a9c5b1c6bfee0093d8a6ed hgbb
 f1abb71709c63c50bd887cedcd98d01e686ab2a4 pasteboard_template
 70861cbc7f4f1e4cb8ccfcfeacffdaf3ec4b39d5 yt-advanced-plotting
 3c649ce9253c16600933ee08e951ea86263412af yt-doc
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