Removing analysis modules as per Trello card

#1009 Merged at 7e7ef2a
  1. John ZuHone

This Trello card lists analysis modules to be removed:

It appears hierarchy_subset is removed already.

UPDATE: is now removed.

Comments (15)

  1. Britton Smith

    I think now is the time to get rid of yt/analysis_modules/ altogether. Importing all analysis modules just to get one thing is a bad idea.

  2. Nathan Goldbaum

    If we're removing the file, can we also make sure to update the documentation where it is referenced?

    1. Nathan Goldbaum

      To be more specific, analysis_modules.api is referenced in the following locations in the docs:

         24 :       "from yt.analysis_modules.api import PPVCube"
         94 :       "from yt.analysis_modules.api import SZProjection\n",
         38 :   from yt.analysis_modules.api import AbsorptionSpectrum
         29 :   from yt.analysis_modules.api import LightRay
        389 :    from yt.analysis_modules.api import *
         13 :   from yt.analysis_modules.api import CosmologySplice
      1. chummels

        I agree with @ngoldbaum . As long as we're wiping out the global analysis_modules api, we should just as well modify these docs to make sure they point to the right local api. Sorry to make more work, @jzuhone .

  3. John ZuHone author

    It turns out there are references to HaloProfiler in quite a few places in the docs. It looks like other analysis modules use it?

      1. John ZuHone author

        Then this should probably be a separate PR, done by someone with more knowledge of HaloProfiler.

        This should be ready to go then.