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  1. Chris Malone

Based on our email discussion about how to handle multiple PR's with BitBucket's auto-update "feature," I've added a section to the Developing docs. I listed the method @ngoldbaum suggested, in addition to the workflow I've been using, based on the feedback that @MatthewTurk gave. I didn't include Matt's description of using the remotebranches extension, because it is very similar to the flow I have been using.

Also, one needs the Sphinx Bootstrap theme to build the docs - so I updated the docs to reflect that.

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  1. Chris Malone author

    Updated to address your comments, @ngoldbaum, except for the bookmarks part. From the email exchange before, this is what you had listed for bookmarks:

    Bookmarks come in at the point where you create the new head.  Instead of just <do work>, I could have created a new bookmark:
    hg bookmark mybookmark
    <do work>
    hg commit -m "I did some work"
    push push -B mybookmark -f https://bitbucket.org/my_username/yt
    The bookmark just names the commit head.  I tend not to use bookmarks for one-commit bugfixes but they're definitely useful for longer lived work.

    I think there is a typo in that the first 'push' should be 'hg'? Also, it looks like you are still forcing the push.

    Sorry, I'm not so familiar with the bookmarks workflow, so please correct me if I am missing something.

  2. Andrew Myers

    Thanks for writing this up, Chris. I've had to go through this process recently and I think having a section on this in the docs will be very useful.

  3. Chris Malone author

    I actually use SSH myself, but thought I'd go with HTTPS since the rest of the doc does so.

    In any case, I added a .. note:: about SSH a little higher up in the doc, as I think it belongs there. Let me know what you think.