Remove reason, make mapserver work with regular source distributions

#1719 Merged at 89dd8b5
  1. Nathan Goldbaum

This pull request removes reason and code used only by reason from yt.

This includes:

  • The yt.gui submodule
  • The vm_panner (yt/visualization/image_panner)
  • PWViewerExtJS

Reason has been disabled since the yt 3.0 release and has not been updated. If anyone wants to update it in the future, the code lives on in the version control history.

Since the mapserver works and was updated for yt-3.0, I've extracted the mapserver from reason and included it as a stand-alone module in yt/visualization/mapserver. This still uses some of the same underlying technology as reason (e.g. bottle and the rocket webserver), but does so in a way that is fully self-contained. As an added bonus, the mapserver now works no matter how you install yt. Before this PR, the mapserver only worked out of the box from install script installations of yt, requiring downloading an external zip file including the reason javascript libraries and setting some environment variables. This data is now included in the yt source distribution and is installed along with the rest of yt during python install, so "yt mapserver" should "just work" for all yt installations.

If anyone objects to any of the code I'm removing or changing, please let me know. If you feel that I should bring this up on yt-dev, I'm happy to send out an e-mail about it.

Comments (3)

  1. chummels

    I think anytime a PR is issued that is removing functionality (even if its broken functionality) from the codebase, there should be a notification on the yt-dev (and potentially yt-users) list, since not everyone reads all of the PR announcements regularly.